Free Bill Audit 

There many factors that affect your bill, which is why we strongly recommend our FREE Bill “Audit Service”.

We have the expertise to analyse your bill in detail and provide you with  accurate assessment of potential savings,

We use your bill details and signed LOA to:

Review actual usage volumes to see if special volume discounts can apply

Break down your usage pattern to ensure you are receiving the best rates when your usage is higher


Check that you are on the correct tariff,

Compare your current rates relative to 22 other current offers
Check your discount rules and how they are applied
Look for hidden administrative fees
Review that any contract offer is exactly as negotiated

Upon Completion of the

Bill Audit

…in approximately 2 working days

We will forward the Audit findings and call you.

We explain the energy offer that represents the best value and service for your business or home.


We will answer any questions you may have .

When you decide to switch…

We obtain the formal offer documents from the energy provider and forward them to you for your acceptance and signature

We enter your information and bill data into our “Tracker” system.

We will send you periodic notices of any significant price shifts or market trends which may affect you.

We re-audit every 270 days.

To find out how much you could be saving, load your bill

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