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Our WATTS UP energy calculator delivers a quick snap shot of where your current energy retailer’s pricing ranks relative to the other twenty two Victorian retailers.  If you are not with number one, it’s costing you money. The WATTS UP calculator also delivers the approximate savings possible comparing your current retailer’s pricing with the best in market at any point in time.

Reducing energy cost is easy

No need to disclose your contact details, wait days for comparison sites to reply or put up with cold calls!

Armed with the information provided by the WATTS UP calculator you can decide whether the approximate savings warrant you switching to new retailer.  If your decision is “yes”, you can go to the “Load Bill” feature, which captures your personal and/or business contact details and allows you to “Up Load” your latest bill.

We then Audit your bill in detail and provide you with a formal offer from the retailer who is offering the best price and service. 

Finally, irrespective of you switching or staying with your existing retailer we place your details on our “Tracker” system, which allows us to quickly contact you with any pricing or relevant market information.  Further, every 270 days, “Tracker” will prompt us to contact you to again to fully Audit your bill so you don’t need to ask yourself “Am I still on the best price?”,.  We aim to win your custom on price and keep you on service.

Energy Management Services

Our energy management services include:

Commercial, SME and Domestic Energy Price Tendering

Commercial Metering and Monitoring Services

Leveraging our “Buying Group” power to get custom offers for high volume consumers

Dealing with Residential Multi-site Buying Groups

Dispute Resolution - (Ombudsmen Liaison Service when needed)

Dealing With 3rd Party Energy Reduction Suppliers

To find out how much you could be saving, load your bill

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