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Saving Australians Thousands on their Energy Bills

Specialist Energy Management’s (SEM) assists  businesses and residents to stay abreast of the ever shifting energy market. With over 25 years experience in the market, we are well placed to support small business, residential and commercial enterprises to navigate through complex tariff structures and pricing offers. Both businesses and homeowners want to know if they can save money on their energy, but often do not have the time, or knowledge of an complex tariff and pricing models, to make an informed decision.

SEM is a leading Australian energy broker and energy management consultancy firm. It understands traditional energy sources, green energy sources and solar feed in sources. SEM is here to help you get the information you need achieve the saving and reliable service you want, without you having to do any of the investigative work yourself.

As an independent Energy Broker, we remain with an energy retailer so long as that retailer offers offers the best price and service to you, our client.

Our Integrated Energy Management Service

SEM is committed to bringing innovation to the field of energy management by delivering a positive experience and financial benefit for domestic and business clients.

Our team of dedicated energy advisors constantly monitor the Australian electricity and gas markets in order to identify the best service provider based on price, service and integration of renewable power.

The current energy market demands constant monitoring.  The ever changing prices, complex tariffs and ambiguous marketing offers means that failure to be vigilant can result in hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in overpayments.  SEM’s integrated systems capture pricing data which is interpreted by our experienced analysts looking for trends that may affect your pricing.  We understand that you, the client, needs to base decisions on timely, comprehensive and accurate information. 

Further, that you need the “switching” process from your existing retailer to another must be as seamless as possible.  And for “after sales support” to be a constant you can rely on.  Ours is a totally integrated service.

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