Free Energy Auditing Australia Wide

Specialist Energy Management (SEM) are the Australian energy experts. It’s no industry secret that energy tariffs play an important part in determining the amount of your energy bill. Many retailers won’t even take the time to put you on a preferable tariff, due to the little financial benefit they get from this.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have observed that many commercial businesses are unknowingly operating under tariffs that are not appropriate for the actual energy use of their business. This is leading to excessively high energy bills.

We can assess your current tariff as well as help your business take advantage of lower rates that may be available at different times of the day. This can often help your business avoid paying incorrect peak rates. It’s our extensive experience that allows us to fully understand the complexities of energy tariff structuring and network delivery charges so we can find the most appropriate situation for the interests of your business.

At SEM, we are purely service driven, so as a result, we offer FREE energy audits for businesses throughout Australia. We are motivated to complete these audits to make sure every Australian is being charged a fair rate for their unique energy usage.