Saving Australians Thousands on Their Energy Bills

Specialist Energy Management (SEM) was established to help Australian businesses and residents quickly respond to the urgent demand to use energy more efficiently, at reduced costs.Many business and homeowners want to know if they can save money on their energy, but just don’t have the time or know-how to do anything about it. That's where SEM comes in. SEM is a leading Australian energy broker and energy management consultancy firm. Our focus is on saving you the most on your energy, without you having to do any of the investigative leg work yourself.

Fully Integrated Energy Management

SEM is committed to bringing innovation to the field of energy management and delivering positive environmental and financial outcomes for you and your business. Our team of dedicated energy advisors are constantly monitoring the Australian gas and electricity markets in order to capture the best pricing based on daily market prices. In our complex energy market, time and effort are required to professionally analyse the best rates as well as control the process of switching to a new supplier. Our comprehensive range of energy management services offers an outstanding, fully integrated energy management program, as well as energy auditing and business support.